Case number: 1:22-bk-10559 - Gold Standard Baking, LLC - Delaware Bankruptcy Court

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    Gold Standard Baking, LLC

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    Delaware (debke)

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    J Kate Stickles

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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
District of Delaware (Delaware)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 22-10559-JKS

Assigned to: Bankruptcy Judge J Kate Stickles
Chapter 11

Date filed:  06/22/2022
341 meeting:  07/28/2022


Gold Standard Baking, LLC

3700 S. Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, IL 60632
Tax ID / EIN: 80-0188756
Gold Standard Baking, Inc.

represented by
Morton R. Branzburg

Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP
1835 Market Street, Suite 1400
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Domenic E. Pacitti

Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP
919 Market Street
Suite 1000
Wilmington, DE 19801
Fax : 302-426-9193

Michael W. Yurkewicz

Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP
919 Market St., Suite 1000
Wilmington, DE 19801
Fax : 302.426.9193

U.S. Trustee

U.S. Trustee

Office of the United States Trustee
J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building
844 King Street, Suite 2207
Lockbox 35
Wilmington, DE 19801

represented by
Joseph F. Cudia

U.S. Trustee
844 King Street
Suite 2207

Claims Agent

Omni Agent Solutions, Inc.
5955 DeSoto Avenue, Suite 100
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


Reliable Companies

Attn: Gene Matthews
1007 North Orange Street
Suite 110
Wilmington, DE 19801

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
07/02/202273HEARING RESCHEDULED. Notice of Agenda of Matters Scheduled for Hearing. Hearing Originally Scheduled for 07/05/2022 has been rescheduled. Filed by Gold Standard Baking, LLC. Hearing scheduled for 7/7/2022 at 03:30 PM at US Bankruptcy Court, 824 Market St., 5th Fl., Courtroom #6, Wilmington, Delaware. (Yurkewicz, Michael) (Entered: 07/02/2022)
07/01/202272Notice of Appointment of Creditors' Committee Filed by U.S. Trustee. (Cudia, Joseph) (Entered: 07/01/2022)
07/01/202271Request for Service of Notices. Filed by AmTrust North America, Inc. on behalf of Wesco Insurance Company. (Hochheiser, Alan) (Entered: 07/01/2022)
07/01/202270Notice of Appearance. Filed by Toyota Industries Commercial Finance Inc.. (Fink, Scott) (Entered: 07/01/2022)
06/30/202269BNC Certificate of Mailing. (related document(s)62) Notice Date 06/30/2022. (Admin.) (Entered: 07/01/2022)
06/30/202268BNC Certificate of Mailing. (related document(s)61) Notice Date 06/30/2022. (Admin.) (Entered: 07/01/2022)
06/30/202267Notice of Appearance. Filed by AGNL Croissant, L.L.C.. (Tillinghast, Edward) (Entered: 06/30/2022)
06/30/202266Objection of Certain Utility Companies to the Debtors' Motion Seeking Entry of Interim and Final Orders (I) Determining Adequate Assurance of Payment for Future Utility Services, (II) Prohibiting Utility Providers from Altering, Refusing, or Discontinuing Utility Services, (III) Establishing Procedures for Determining Adequate Assurance of Payment, (IV) Authorizing Certain Fee Payments for Services Performed, (V) Requiring Utility Providers to Return Deposits for Utility Services No Longer in Use, and (VI) Granting Related Relief (related document(s)8, 45) Filed by Constellation NewEnergy - Gas Division, LLC, Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., Commonwealth Edison Company (Attachments: # 1 Certificate of Service) (Taylor, William) (Entered: 06/30/2022)
06/30/202265Notice of Meeting of Creditors/Commencement of Case Filed by Gold Standard Baking, LLC. 341(a) meeting to be held on 7/28/2022 at 10:00 AM at J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building, 844 King St., Room 3209, Wilmington, Delaware. (Yurkewicz, Michael) (Entered: 06/30/2022)
06/29/202264Agenda of Matters Scheduled for Telephonic Hearing Filed by Gold Standard Baking, LLC. Hearing scheduled for 7/5/2022 at 02:00 PM at US Bankruptcy Court, 824 Market St., 3rd Fl., Courtroom #7, Wilmington, Delaware. (Pacitti, Domenic) (Entered: 06/29/2022)