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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Women Thrive WorldwideDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00472707/06/2018
1436 Foxhall Road L.L.C.District Of Columbia1:18-bk-00765711/30/201810/13/2021Discharge Not Applicable 10/13/2021
319 Pennsylvania Avenue, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00658710/08/201811/17/2020Discharge Not Applicable 11/17/2020
Upper Cuts Gentleman's Grooming Place, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-007811112/07/2018
Workafrolic, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00735711/13/2018
Maria Cecilia FordDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00687710/22/2018
Justin's Cafe LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00682710/19/2018
IMM ON "H" LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-006741110/15/2018
New Pitts Place, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-005271108/02/2018
New Jerusalem Temple of Our Lord Jesus Christ, IncDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-005871108/31/2018
New York Pizza CorporationDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00489707/16/2018
Brown Dog Pet Services, Inc.District Of Columbia1:18-bk-00443706/22/2018
Petworth Virginia Holdings, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-003671105/24/2018
Riteway Medical Equipment, Supplies, & NDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00375705/25/2018
DC Electric LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00282704/24/2018
Dennis R Wirt MD, PCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00290704/26/2018
Capitol City Brewing Company, L.C.District Of Columbia1:18-bk-001611103/14/2018
Tadich Grill of Washington DC LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00079701/31/2018
FinalTier Systems, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00030701/15/2018
Ro & So, Inc.District Of Columbia1:18-bk-004941107/19/201801/15/2020Dismissed for Other Reason 09/18/2019
The Current Newspapers, Inc.District Of Columbia1:18-bk-00006701/03/201805/04/2022Discharge Not Applicable 05/04/2022
A V Car & Home, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-004341106/20/2018
Lupus Foundation of America, DC/MD/VA Chapter, IncDistrict Of Columbia1:18-bk-00021701/09/201811/07/2018Discharge Not Applicable