Case number: 1:20-bk-00040 - 53rd Place, LLC - District Of Columbia Bankruptcy Court

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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 20-00040-SMT

Assigned to: Bankruptcy Judge S. Martin Teel, Jr.
Chapter 7
No asset

Date filed:  01/27/2020
341 meeting:  03/05/2020
Deadline for filing claims (govt.):  07/27/2020


53rd Place, LLC

419 Newton Place, N.W., Unit B
Washington, DC 20010
Tax ID / EIN: 27-1214757

represented by
Alan D. Eisler

Eisler Hamilton, LLC
1 Research Court
Suite 450
Rockville, MD 20850
Fax : 301-519-8005


Wendell W. Webster

Wendel W. Webster, Trustee
1775 K Street NW
Suite 290
Washington, DC 20006

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
09/08/202358Chapter 7 Trustee's Final Account of Distribution, Certification the Estate has been Fully Administered and Application of Trustee to be Discharged. The United States Trustee has reviewed the Chapter 7 Trustee's Final Account of Distribution, Certification the Estate has been Fully Administered and application of Trustee to be Discharge. The United States Trustee does not object to the relief requested. Filed by United States Trustee R4_CH7A (United States Trustee R4_CH7A)
09/06/202357Request for Payee Information in Support of Application for Unclaimed Funds. THIS DOCUMENT IS RESTRICTED TO COURT USERS UNDER THE E-GOVERNMENT ACT BECAUSE PRIVATE INFORMATION IS INCLUDED. Filed by Anne Marie Bierlein. (Re: Related Document(s) #:[56] Application to Release Unclaimed Funds.) (Press, Daniel)
09/05/202356Application to Release Unclaimed Funds in the Amount of blank 1753.41. Filed by Anne Marie Bierlein. Objections due by 9/26/2022. (Re: Related Document(s) #: [54] Statement to Deposit Unclaimed Funds.) (Attachments: # (1) Proposed Order) (Press, Daniel) CORRECTIVE ENTRY: MODIFED TO ADD OBJECTION DEADLINE AND CREATE LINKAGE ON 9/6/2023 (Harrison, Janae).
02/27/202355Receipt of Unclaimed Funds - $1,753.41 by JH. Receipt Number 100272. Payment received from TriState Capital Bank-Wendell W. Webster. (admin)
02/21/202354Statement to Deposit Unclaimed Funds in the amount of $1,753.41 Filed by Wendell W. Webster. (Webster, Wendell)
11/15/202253Order Approving Final Report, Distribution and Applications for Fees and Expenses. Order entered on 11/15/2022. (Harrison, Janae)
10/24/202252Chapter 7 Trustee's Notice of Final Report. Service Date 10/24/2022. Filed by Wendell W. Webster on behalf of Wendell W. Webster (Re: Related Document(s) #:[51] Chapter 7 Trustee's Final Report Before Distribution (TFR).) Objections to Final Report due by 11/14/2022 for [51], (Attachments: # (1) Supplement Certificate of Mailing # (2) Proposed Order Approving Trustee Final Report)(Webster, Wendell)
10/20/202251Chapter 7 Trustee's Final Report Before Distribution, Application for Trustee Compensation and Application (s) for Compensation of Professionals on behalf of the Trustee Wendell W. Webster. The United States Trustee has reviewed the Chapter 7 Trustees Final Report. Filed by United States Trustee R4_CH7A (Attachments: # (1) Trustee's Application for Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses)(United States Trustee R4_CH7A)
06/23/202250Order Granting First and Final Application of Webster & Fredrickson, PLLC for Compensation (Related Document #: [49]). Entered on 6/23/2022. (Harrison, Janae)
05/31/202249Application for Compensation for Natalie S. Walker, Trustee's Attorney, Fee: $10,175.00, Expenses: $465.00. Filed by Natalie S. Walker. Hearing scheduled for 6/29/2022 at 10:00 AM at Via Zoom-contact for Meeting Code. Objections due by 06/21/2022. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit 1 # (2) Exhibit 2 # (3) Proposed Order # (4) Notice # (5) Matrix) (Walker, Natalie)