Case number: 6:22-bk-03123 - Legacy Pools LLC - Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court

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    Legacy Pools LLC

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    Florida Middle (flmbke)

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    Lori V. Vaughan

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Docket Header

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of Florida (Orlando)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 6:22-bk-03123-LVV

Assigned to: Lori V. Vaughan
Chapter 11

Date filed:  08/30/2022
341 meeting:  10/17/2022
Deadline for filing claims:  11/08/2022


Legacy Pools LLC

727 North Drive
Suite L
Melbourne, FL 32934
Tax ID / EIN: 82-2580376

represented by
Daniel A Velasquez

Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine, LLP
201 S. Orange Ave., Ste. 1400
Orlando, FL 32801
Fax : 407-481-5801


Robert Altman

PO Box 922
Palatka, FL 32178-0922

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee - ORL

Office of the United States Trustee
George C Young Federal Building
400 West Washington Street, Suite 1100
Orlando, FL 32801
represented by
Bryan E Buenaventura

U.S. Trustee Office - Region 21
400 West Washington Street, Suite 1100
Orlando, FL 32801
Fax : 407-648-6323

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
03/20/2023254Amended Schedule E/F,Schedule G, Amended Summary of Schedules and Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Non-Individual Debtors Filing Fee Not Paid or Not Required. Filed by Daniel A Velasquez on behalf of Debtor Legacy Pools LLC. (Velasquez, Daniel)
03/18/2023253BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document. (related document(s) (Related Doc [250])). Notice Date 03/18/2023. (Admin.)
03/17/2023252Proof of Service of Order Approving Application to Employ David E. Otero as Special Attorney for the Estate. Filed by Robert Altman on behalf of Trustee Robert Altman (related document(s)[251]). (Altman, Robert)
03/17/2023251Order Approving Application to Employ/Retain David E. Otero as Special Attorney for the Estate (Related Doc # [236]). Service Instructions: Robert Altman is directed to serve a copy of this order on interested parties and file a proof of service within 3 days of entry of the order. (Lee Hue, Karla)
03/16/2023250Order Abating Adminstrative Claims and Claim Objections (related document(s)[223], [200], [165], [159]). Service Instructions: Clerks Office to serve. (Hill, Rutha)
03/16/2023249Hearing Proceeding Memo: Hearing Held - APPEARANCES: Bryan Buenaventura: UST; Angela Grewal: SPC Distributors LLC; Robert Altman: Chapter 7 Trustee; David Otero: Ch 7 Trustee Atty; Dan Velasquez: Debtor Atty; Paul Daley: Einhorns and MacPherson creditors; Chris Emden: US SBA; Erik Johansen: Sparkmans RULING: 1) Status Conference - Concluded. 2) Motion by Ch. 7 Trustee to Approve Compromise with Jason & Nicole Sparkman; filed w/ neg ntc 3/7/23 (Doc #238) - on negative notice, no action. 3) Application to Employ David E. Otero of Akerman, LLP as Special Attorney for the Estate;filed 3/7/23 (Doc #236) - Approved; order uploaded. 4) Application for Compensation of Daniel A. Velasquez and the Law Firm of Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine, LLP for Award of Attorneys' Fees i/a/o $52,926.50 and Reimbursement of Expenses i/a/o $1,162.94 and Notice of Estimated Fees and Costs through Confirmation i/a/o $13,240.00. For the period: August 31, 2022 to November 15, 2022; filed w/ neg ntc 11/18/22 (Doc #89) - Abated; order by Court. 5) Debtor's Omnibus Objection to Claims 7, 9, 33, 44, 58, 64, 89, 93, 94, 95, 96, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 110, 115, 136, 140, 142 (Priority Deposit Claims); filed w/ neg ntc 2/5/23 (Doc #159) - Abated; order by Court. 6) Debtor's Objection to Claim 30 of ABC Pool Design, LLC.; filed w. neg ntc 2/6/23 (Doc #165) - Abated; order by Court. 7) Debtor's Objection to Claim No. 93-1 of Glen MacPherson; filed w/ neg notice 2/22/23 (Doc #200) - Response filed (Doc #222) - Abated; order by Court. 8) Debtor's Objection to Claim 124 of Sparkmans; filed w/ neg ntc 2/24/23 (Doc #219) - Abated; order by Court. 9) Debtor's Objection to Claim 95 of Einhorns; filed w. neg ntc 2/26/23 (Doc #223) - Response filed 3/15/23 (Doc #248) - Abated; order by Court. (aj) Proposed Orders, if applicable, should be submitted within three days after the date of the hearing - Local Rule 9072-1(c). This docket entry/document is not an official order of the Court . (Miguenes, Bill)
03/15/2023248Response to Objection to Claim(s). Claim No. 95 of Shalom and Carmen Einhorn. Filed by Paul F Daley on behalf of Creditor Shalom & Carmen Einhorn (related document(s)[223]). (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit Contract, Payments # (2) Exhibit Order Vacating Final Judgment) (Daley, Paul)
03/10/2023247Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice Filed by Robert E Burguieres on behalf of Creditor Florida Water Products, LLC. (Calderon, Vivianne)
03/09/2023246BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document. (related document(s) (Related Doc [237])). Notice Date 03/09/2023. (Admin.)
03/09/2023245BNC Certificate of Mailing - Order (related document(s) (Related Doc [233])). Notice Date 03/09/2023. (Admin.)