Case number: 3:17-bk-00554 - Indoor Climate Control, Inc. - Iowa Southern Bankruptcy Court

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    Indoor Climate Control, Inc.

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    Iowa Southern (iasbke)

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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Iowa (Davenport)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 17-00554-als7

Assigned to: Judge Anita L. Shodeen
Chapter 7

Date filed:  03/30/2017
341 meeting:  04/25/2017


Indoor Climate Control, Inc.

6730 Wisconsin Ave.
Davenport, IA 52806
Tax ID / EIN: 39-1876435

represented by
John M VanDeVelde

329 18th St
Rock Island, IL 61201
(309) 788-2747
Fax : (309) 793-4090


Wesley B Huisinga

115 3rd St SE, Ste 500
PO Box 2107
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-2107
(319) 365-9461

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee

Federal Bldg, Room 793
210 Walnut Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 284-4982

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
09/28/201714Return Mail - Undeliverable (RE: related document(s) 11 Court's Certificate of Service by Mail) (mrw) (Entered: 09/28/2017)
09/28/201713Report of Trustee (re: sale, settlement, or lease). I, Wesley B Huisinga, Trustee in the case, report that the sale, settlement, or lease set forth is complete; and the estate has received the proceeds from the party or parties identified therein for the property or actions listed. Filed by Trustee Wesley B Huisinga (RE: related document(s) 8 Motion to Sell Free & Clear Pursuant to Section 363(f) filed by Trustee Wesley B Huisinga). (Huisinga, Wesley) (Entered: 09/28/2017)
08/23/201712Docket Text Order Regarding Trustee's Notice and Motion to Sell Property Free and Clear of Liens. There being no timely objection to the notice, it is hereby Ordered that the notice is approved and the sale shall proceed according to the terms set forth in that document. The Trustee's Motion requires a fee which was deferred at the time of filing. Payment of the filing fee is required within 10 days of closing. This order is subject to being vacated at a later time if the filing fee is not timely paid. As required by any applicable federal rule or statute, the filer shall serve this order on all appropriate parties (except those parties who will receive notice of electronic filing). This order has been entered on the docket as directed by the Judge assigned to the case. (Related Doc # 8). (acw) (Entered: 08/23/2017)
08/23/201711Court's Certificate of Service by Mail. Parties Served: All parties, attorneys, and creditors appearing on the attached mailing list. (RE: related document(s) 2 Notice of Meeting of Creditors) (mrw) (Entered: 08/23/2017)
07/28/201710BNC Certificate of Mailing No. of Notices: 22. Notice Date 07/28/2017. (Related Doc # 9) (Admin.) (Entered: 07/28/2017)
07/26/20179Notice of Bar Date for Objections (RE: related document(s) 8 Motion to Sell Free & Clear Pursuant to Section 363(f); Receipt Number DEFER Fee Amount $ 181 filed by Trustee Wesley B Huisinga) Objections Due By 8/16/2017. (mrw) (Entered: 07/26/2017)
07/18/20178Motion to Sell Free & Clear Pursuant to Section 363(f); Receipt Number DEFER Fee Amount $ 181 Filed by Wesley B Huisinga on behalf of Wesley B Huisinga. (Huisinga, Wesley) (Entered: 07/18/2017)
06/15/20177BNC Certificate of Mailing No. of Notices: 21. Notice Date 06/15/2017. (Related Doc # 6) (Admin.) (Entered: 06/15/2017)
06/13/20176Notice to File Claims Filed by Trustee Wesley B Huisinga. Proofs of Claims due by 9/15/2017. (Huisinga, Wesley) (Entered: 06/13/2017)
05/26/20175Amended Summary of Assets and Liabilities, Amended Schedules A/B Filed by Debtor Indoor Climate Control, Inc.. (VanDeVelde, John) (Entered: 05/26/2017)