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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
DB Realty Management LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-134091112/15/2014
Retro (USA) Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-11554705/22/2014
Aramid Entertainment Fund Limited, et al.,New York Southern1:14-bk-118021106/13/2014
Premiere Estates, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-12972710/29/2014
SIGA Technologies, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-126231109/16/201401/25/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Pretty Girl, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-11979707/02/2014
Abbe J. Carni, M.D., P.C.New York Southern1:14-bk-11557705/22/201402/10/2015Discharge Not Applicable
CDG Virginia, LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-10199701/29/2014
Archetype Construction Corp.New York Southern7:14-bk-237261112/18/201407/14/2020Dismissed for Other Reason 02/27/2020
The Adoni Group, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-118411106/19/2014
Allen Memorial Church of God in Christ, Inc.New York Southern7:14-bk-227731105/30/2014
8 West 58th Street Hospitality, LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-115241105/20/2014
Genco Ship Management LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-111091104/21/201411/03/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Delaware Holding TrustNew York Southern4:14-bk-362461106/18/2014
Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd.New York Southern1:14-bk-103831502/21/201401/29/2019Discharge Not Applicable
MPM Silicones, LLC, et al., and Reorganized DebtorsNew York Southern7:14-bk-225031104/13/201412/18/2020Discharge Not Applicable
FL 6801 Spirits LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-116911106/01/201401/28/2020Dismissed for Other Reason
D.A.B. Group LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-120571107/14/201410/09/2018Discharge Not Applicable
77-79 Rivington Street Realty LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-103391102/18/201402/17/2021Discharge Not Applicable
Affordable Enterprises of Westchester, Inc.New York Southern7:14-bk-221681102/06/201406/03/2021Dismissed for Other Reason
Pulperia on Essex Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-106211103/12/201406/17/2014Dismissed for Other Reason 06/11/2014
Hukkster, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-12464708/27/201407/28/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Binder & Binder - The National Social Security Dis and Binder & Binder - The National Social Security DisNew York Southern7:14-bk-237281112/18/2014
Sbarro Blue Bell Express LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-105731103/10/201405/20/2016Discharge Not Applicable 05/20/2016
Dari Realty Corp.New York Southern7:14-bk-237571112/19/2014
Third Ave & St. Mark's, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-134821112/24/2014
Binder & Binder - The National Social Security DisNew York Southern7:14-bk-237461112/19/2014
Total Green LLCNew York Southern7:14-bk-23723712/16/2014
144 Cortlandt St., LLCNew York Southern7:14-bk-237591112/19/2014
Ashley River Consulting, LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-134061112/15/201404/05/2016Discharge Not Applicable
The Social Security Express Ltd.New York Southern7:14-bk-237521112/19/2014
dELiA*s Retail CompanyNew York Southern7:14-bk-236791112/07/201403/30/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 03/21/2016
dELiA*s, Inc.New York Southern7:14-bk-236781112/07/2014
Dashley Corp.New York Southern7:14-bk-237581112/19/2014
Binder & Binder - The National Social Security DisNew York Southern7:14-bk-237451112/19/2014
Binder & Binder - The National Social Security DisNew York Southern7:14-bk-237441112/19/2014
Emerald Investments, LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-134071112/15/201404/14/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Biombo, Inc.New York Southern7:14-bk-237191112/15/2014
DACCS, Inc.New York Southern7:14-bk-236861112/07/2014
Binder & Binder - The National Social Security DisNew York Southern7:14-bk-237481112/19/2014
Twins Electric Corp., et al.New York Southern1:14-bk-13408712/15/2014
National Veterans Disability Advocates LLCNew York Southern7:14-bk-237511112/19/2014
Binder & Binder - The National Social Security DisNew York Southern7:14-bk-237491112/19/2014
Shippy Realty Corp., et al.New York Southern7:14-bk-237561112/19/201412/11/2015Dismissed for Other Reason 12/01/2015
The Rep for Vets LLCNew York Southern7:14-bk-237501112/19/2014
Binder & Binder - The National Social Security DisNew York Southern7:14-bk-237471112/19/2014
Aereo, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-132001111/20/2014
BJ Magazines, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-131001111/10/2014
199 East 7th Street LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-13254711/26/2014
Sub Holding LLCNew York Southern1:14-bk-132901112/01/2014