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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Ninety-Five Madison Company, LPNew York Southern1:21-bk-105291103/22/2021
A.B.C. Carpet Co., Inc. and Liquidating TrusteeNew York Southern1:21-bk-115911109/08/2021
GBG USA Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-113691107/29/2021
First Step Trademarks, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-121471112/31/2021
Port Morris Tile & Marble LPNew York Southern1:21-bk-12116712/23/2021
Amari Medical Scarsdale P.C.New York Southern7:21-bk-22668711/30/2021
Ascentra Holdings, Inc. and Graham Robinson and Ivy ChuaNew York Southern1:21-bk-118541510/27/2021
78-80 St Marks Place, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-12139712/29/2021
All Year Holdings LimitedNew York Southern1:21-bk-120511112/14/2021
Gerobin Finances Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) and John SheahanNew York Southern1:21-bk-116991509/30/2021
Evergreen Gardens II LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-116101109/14/2021
HBL SNF, LLCNew York Southern7:21-bk-226231111/01/2021
Salem & Eng Enterprises Inc.New York Southern4:21-bk-35664708/30/2021
Erbin Finances Pty Limited (in Liquidation) and John SheahanNew York Southern1:21-bk-117001509/30/2021
Nanobeak Biotech IncNew York Southern1:21-bk-11600709/10/2021
LJ Firewood LLCNew York Southern4:21-bk-35852711/24/2021
Frozen Foods Partners, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-118971111/01/2021
Mallett Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-116191109/15/2021
Rawbin Finances Pty Limited (in Liquidation) and John SheahanNew York Southern1:21-bk-117011509/30/2021
Universal Enterprises Ltd. (in official liquidatio and Eleanor G. Fisher and Hani Bishara as joint liquidNew York Southern1:21-bk-117451510/07/2021
Greensill Capital (UK) Limited (in administration) and Christine Mary LavertyNew York Southern1:21-bk-114731508/18/2021
2192 Texas Parkway Partners LLCNew York Southern7:21-bk-225631110/04/2021
Income Collecting 1-3 Months T-Bills Mutual Fund ( and Russell S HomerNew York Southern1:21-bk-116011509/10/2021
Erma Nominees Pty Limited (In Liquidation) and John SheahanNew York Southern1:21-bk-117031509/30/2021
Ligon 158 Pty Limited (In Liquidation) and John SheahanNew York Southern1:21-bk-117061509/30/2021
Pacific Andes Enterprises (Hong Kong) LimitedNew York Southern1:21-bk-115881109/08/2021
Statewide Ambulette Service, Inc.New York Southern7:21-bk-22586710/18/2021
Aguila, Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-117761110/15/2021
Fun Bowl Vacations, Inc.New York Southern7:21-bk-22521709/13/2021
Marbin Finances Pty Limited (In Liquidation) and John SheahanNew York Southern1:21-bk-117021509/30/2021
Empire Stat Group, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-11868710/29/2021
PT Sinar Pantja Djaja and Geoffrey David SimmsNew York Southern1:21-bk-110731506/07/2021
The Gateway Development Group, Inc.New York Southern7:21-bk-22304705/25/2021
512 W42 Retail LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-11141706/18/2021
Gateway Kensington LLCNew York Southern7:21-bk-222741105/14/2021
Royal Blue Realty Holdings, Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-108021104/26/2021
Greensill Bank AG and Michael C FregeNew York Southern1:21-bk-107571504/20/2021
Valor Management Ltd. and Mark AllittNew York Southern1:21-bk-106841504/12/2021
Kossoff PLLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-10699704/13/2021
Samarco Mineracao S.A. and Fabiano SaragiottoNew York Southern1:21-bk-107541504/19/2021
TZG Capital Limited (in Liquidation) and Cosimo BorrelliNew York Southern1:21-bk-111521506/23/2021
Banco Privado Portugues (Cayman) Ltd (in Official and Jess ShakespeareNew York Southern1:21-bk-105981503/30/2021
PT Primayudha Mandirijaya and Geoffrey David SimmsNew York Southern1:21-bk-110751506/07/2021
PT Bitratex Industries and Geoffrey David SimmsNew York Southern1:21-bk-110741506/07/2021
Golden Legacy Pte Ltd and Geoffrey David SimmsNew York Southern1:21-bk-110761506/07/2021
Suffern Partners LLCNew York Southern7:21-bk-222801105/16/2021
PB Investment Holdings Ltd. and Rachelle Frisby and John Johnston, as Joint ProvisNew York Southern1:21-bk-106231504/02/2021
Golden Mountain Textile and Trading Pte Ltd and Geoffrey David SimmsNew York Southern1:21-bk-110771506/07/2021
Comair Limited (In Provisional Liquidation) and Shaun Collyer and Richard A. FergusonNew York Southern1:21-bk-102981502/16/2021
Bagir Group Limited and Ilan Shavit-StricksNew York Southern1:21-bk-108031504/26/2021