Case number: 3:20-bk-32295 - Intelsat Connect Finance S.A. - Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court

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    Intelsat Connect Finance S.A.

  • Court

    Virginia Eastern (vaebke)

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  • Judge

    Keith L. Phillips

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Docket Header

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 20-32295-KLP

Assigned to: Keith L. Phillips
Chapter 11

Date filed:  05/13/2020


Intelsat Connect Finance S.A.

7900 Tysons One Place
McLean, VA 22102
Tax ID / EIN: 98-1338346

represented by
Michael A. Condyles (T1)

Kutak Rock LLP
1111 E. Main Street, Suite 800
Richmond, VA 23219-3500
(804) 644-1700

Jeremy S. Williams

Kutak Rock LLP
901 East Byrd Street
Suite 1000
Richmond, VA 23219-4071
(804) 644-1700
Fax : 804-783-6192

U.S. Trustee

John P. Fitzgerald, III

Office of the US Trustee - Region 4 -R
701 E. Broad Street, Ste. 4304
Richmond, VA 23219

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
07/11/20206Non-Individual Schedule(s) and/or Statement(s), Lists (Statement of Financial Affairs) filed by Jeremy S. Williams of Kutak Rock LLP on behalf of Intelsat Connect Finance S.A.. (Williams, Jeremy)
07/11/20205Non-Individual Schedule(s) and/or Statement(s), Lists filed by Jeremy S. Williams of Kutak Rock LLP on behalf of Intelsat Connect Finance S.A.. (Williams, Jeremy)
05/15/20204Order Granting Motion for Joint Administration (Related Doc # 3), Related Case 3:20-bk-32299. An order has been entered in accordance with Rule 1015(b) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Rule 1015-1 of the Local Rules of Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia directing joint administration of the chapter 11 cases of Intelsat S.A.; and its related entities, Intelsat Virginia Holdings LLC; Intelsat Connect Finance S.A.; Intelsat (Luxembourg) S.A.; Intelsat Envision Holdings LLC; Intelsat US LLC; Intelsat Investment Holdings S.a.r.l.; Intelsat Holdings S.A.; Intelsat Investments S.A.; Intelsat UK Financial Services Ltd.; Intelsat Jackson Holdings S.A.; Intelsat Align S.a.r.l; Intelsat License Holdings LLC; Intelsat Subsidiary (Gibraltar) Limited; Intelsat Holdings LLC; Intelsat Finance Bermuda Ltd.; Intelsat Satellite LLC; Intelsat License LLC; Intelsat Ventures S.a. r.l; Intelsat Global Sales & Marketing Ltd.; Intelsat International Systems, LLC; PanAmSat International Holdings, LLC; Intelsat International Employment LLC; PanAmSat Europe Corporation; Intelsat Genesis GP LLC; Intelsat Service and Equipment LLC; Southern Satellite LLC; Southern Satellite Licensee LLC; PanAmSat International Sales, LLC; Intelsat Genesis Inc.; Intelsat Alliance LP; Intelsat US Finance LLC; PanAmSat India LLC; PanAmSat India Marketing L.L.C.; Intelsat Asia Carrier Services, LLC. The docket in Case No. 20-32299-KLP should be consulted for all matters affecting these cases (Cummings, James)
05/14/20203Motion for Joint Administration with 20-32299, 20-32305, 20-32296, 20-32328, 20-32324, 20-32297, 20-32309, 20-32318, 20-32323, 20-32313, 20-32308, 20-32301, 20-32316, 20-32314, 20-32300, 20-32302, 20-32304, 20-32306, 20-32311, 20-32310, 20-32319, 20-32307, 20-32303, 20-32325, 20-32298, 20-32312, 20-32294, 20-32317, 20-32326, 20-32327, 20-32315, 20-32322, 20-32321, 20-32320 Debtors' Motion for Entry of an Order (I) Directing Joint Administration of Chapter 11 Cases and (II) Granting Related Relief filed by Jeremy S. Williams of Kutak Rock LLP on behalf of Intelsat Connect Finance S.A.. (Williams, Jeremy)
05/14/20202U.S. Treasury receipt of Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition(20-32295) [misc,824] (1717.00) filing fee. Receipt number 32528331, amount $1717.00. (Re: Doc# 1) (U.S. Treasury)
05/13/20201Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition Non-Individual Filed by Michael A. Condyles (T1) of Kutak Rock LLP on behalf of Intelsat Connect Finance S.A.. (Condyles (T1), Michael)