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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Jet Sales West LLCNew Mexico1:20-bk-121791111/20/2020
Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Santa and Associated Case in 10th Circuit Court of AppealsNew Mexico1:18-bk-130271112/03/2018
Motiva Performance Engineering, LLCNew Mexico1:19-bk-125391111/01/2019
Safe Site Youth Development, Inc., DBA Safe Site CNew Mexico1:21-bk-113991112/30/2021
JB and Company Chevron LLCNew Mexico1:19-bk-115041106/24/2019
Budget Payday Loans, a New Mexico Limited PartnersNew Mexico1:18-bk-11967708/06/2018
New Mexico Solar Warehouse, LLC, a New Mexico LimiNew Mexico1:21-bk-11294711/22/2021
Bailey's Construction & Plumbing Inc.New Mexico1:22-bk-10333704/27/2022
S-Tek 1, LLCNew Mexico1:20-bk-122411112/02/2020
Henry Valencia, Inc.New Mexico1:20-bk-105391103/10/2020
Automated Recovery Systems of New Mexico, Inc.New Mexico1:22-bk-102251103/23/2022
Twin Pines LLC, a New Mexico limited liability comNew Mexico1:19-bk-102951102/12/2019
Construction Technology Specialists, Inc.New Mexico1:22-bk-10378705/10/2022
GandyDancer, LLCNew Mexico1:19-bk-126691111/21/2019
Code 3 Service, LLCNew Mexico1:21-bk-111601110/12/2021
Quick Cash, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-11800707/06/2015
American Tel Group, Inc.New Mexico1:98-bk-15005708/12/199805/24/2006Discharge Not Applicable
Southwest Aero Technologies, Inc.New Mexico1:98-bk-14726707/31/199810/31/2006Discharge Not Applicable
5K Car Store, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation and Marc Paul PowellNew Mexico1:17-bk-11456706/02/2017
Leo C. Sanchez and Sanchez Southwest, Ltd.New Mexico1:93-bk-13517711/29/199307/19/2000Standard Discharge
Organ Mountain Cooperative, a domestic nonprofit cNew Mexico1:21-bk-11229711/01/2021
Alamo Bus Company, Inc.New Mexico1:19-bk-115681106/28/2019
Taj & Ark, LLCNew Mexico1:22-bk-100221101/12/2022
Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates, PCNew Mexico1:20-bk-11767709/09/2020
Axel Fire, LLCNew Mexico1:18-bk-12876711/16/2018
Total Oilfield Solutions, LLC, a New Mexico LimiteNew Mexico1:20-bk-11198706/15/2020
Cielo Vista Hospitality, LLCNew Mexico1:20-bk-108771104/29/2020
ABQ Post Acute, LLC, a New Mexico Limited LiabilitNew Mexico1:19-bk-118651108/12/2019
Sandia Tobacco Manufacturers, Inc.New Mexico1:16-bk-123351109/19/2016
Metropolitan Holiness Church of God in Christ, IncNew Mexico1:21-bk-112871111/19/2021
U.S. Glove, Inc., a New Mexico corporationNew Mexico1:21-bk-101721102/14/2021
Trucking and Contracting Services, LLCNew Mexico1:19-bk-113191105/31/2019
Angel Fire Corporation (The) and Angel Fire Ski CorporationNew Mexico1:93-bk-121761107/09/199305/31/2001
FTS School Service, Inc.New Mexico1:21-bk-10168702/12/2021
Bullfrog Logistics, LLCNew Mexico1:21-bk-107921106/26/2021
Rubus Realty Company, A Delaware Corp.New Mexico1:93-bk-103291102/01/199305/07/1998Standard Discharge
Cashco, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation and Associated Case in BAPNew Mexico1:18-bk-11968708/06/2018
High Sierra Theatres, LLCNew Mexico1:19-bk-126801111/22/2019
A Laughing Frog LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-128871111/14/201708/06/2019Discharge Not Applicable 08/06/2019
Patriot Drilling, LLCNew Mexico1:19-bk-11904708/18/2019
AKAMAI PHYSICS, INC.New Mexico1:20-bk-122971112/18/2020
Zomeworks CorporationNew Mexico1:19-bk-10730703/29/2019
LAS UVAS VALLEY DAIRIESNew Mexico1:17-bk-123561109/15/2017
Z.H. Services, Inc., A New Mexico CorporationNew Mexico1:21-bk-10072701/26/202103/23/2021Discharge Not Applicable 03/23/2021
Hoskins Family Enterprises, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-111751105/09/201705/10/2018Dismissed for Other Reason 03/19/2018
Gateway Hospitality, LLCNew Mexico1:20-bk-108791104/29/2020
Railyard Company, LLC A New Mexico Limited Liabili and Associated Case in US District CourtNew Mexico1:15-bk-12386709/04/2015
Yarbrough Hospitality, LLCNew Mexico1:20-bk-108811104/29/2020
Ready Pharmacy I, LLC, A New Mexico Limited LiabilNew Mexico1:21-bk-10295703/12/2021
Midnight Rodeo, Inc.New Mexico1:05-bk-14725706/10/200508/29/2005Discharge Not Applicable 08/29/2005