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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Railyard Company, LLC A New Mexico Limited Liabili and Associated Case in US District CourtNew Mexico1:15-bk-12386709/04/201510/23/2020Discharge Not Applicable
Quick Cash, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-11800707/06/2015
Flying Star Cafes, Inc., a NM corporationNew Mexico1:15-bk-101821101/30/201506/30/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Kachina Village, LLCNew Mexico1:15-bk-101401101/26/2015
Williamson Services, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-13272712/18/2015
Denco, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-132491112/16/201506/16/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 05/20/2016
There's No Place Like Home,LLCNew Mexico1:15-bk-13080711/23/2015
U B THE GIFT TRUSTNew Mexico1:15-bk-13196712/08/2015
SPOVERLOOK, LLCNew Mexico1:15-bk-130181111/18/2015
Marc's Guitar Center, LLCNew Mexico1:15-bk-12820710/27/201504/05/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Fountain Hills Plaza, LLCNew Mexico1:15-bk-127081110/13/201512/18/2015Dismissed for Other Reason 11/24/2015
Harpole Construction, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-126301110/02/201501/03/2018Discharge Not Applicable
Alice S. Gonzales, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-12713710/14/2015
Portraits by LaDonna Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-12448709/15/2015
Tir Na Nog Someday, LLC.New Mexico1:15-bk-12303708/28/201510/21/2015Discharge Not Applicable
Summit Building and Development, LLC, A New MexicoNew Mexico1:15-bk-121381108/11/201501/15/2019Discharge Not Applicable
Solar Farms, LLC, A New Mexico Limited Liability CNew Mexico1:15-bk-119751207/24/201511/16/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Joe's Trucking, LLC, a Domestic Limited LiabiNew Mexico1:15-bk-119621107/23/2015
Coronado Machine, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-116741106/24/201509/22/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 08/24/2016
Sandia Resorts, IncNew Mexico1:15-bk-11532706/09/201504/10/2019Discharge Not Applicable
Aquatic Pools, Inc. a New Mexico corporationNew Mexico1:15-bk-114061105/28/201502/16/2017
Corazon Family Health, PC, A New Mexico ProfessionNew Mexico1:15-bk-112521105/14/2015
Santa Fe Medical Group, a Limited Liability CompanNew Mexico1:15-bk-11247705/14/2015
Viper Services, LLC a Domestic Limited Liability CNew Mexico1:15-bk-112591105/14/2015
Atrinea Ruidoso, LLC, a New Mexico Limited Liabili and Corazon Family Health, PC, A New Mexico ProfessionNew Mexico1:15-bk-112481105/14/201504/01/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Atrinea Health, LLC, a New Mexico Limited LiabilitNew Mexico1:15-bk-112501105/14/2015
Horizon Well Service LLCNew Mexico1:15-bk-111371104/30/2015
Bright Harvesting, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-111781205/05/2015
Robert R. Bailey, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-10745703/26/2015
Kadlubek Family Revocable Living Trust Dated MarchNew Mexico1:15-bk-107361103/25/2015
Transportation & Production Construction, LLC a NeNew Mexico1:15-bk-10965704/14/201508/16/2018Discharge Not Applicable
Aero Mechanical Industries, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-109361104/10/2015
Atrinea Holdings, LLCNew Mexico1:15-bk-108131103/30/201502/23/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 02/02/2016
Aquatic Pools, IncNew Mexico1:15-bk-105391103/06/2015
Almosta Ranch Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-105241103/05/2015
Monette Ford, Inc.New Mexico1:15-bk-10013701/06/2015