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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Indian Pipe Drive LLCNew York Eastern8:23-bk-708821103/15/2023
Mazel On Del LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-410271103/24/2023
Clacyca LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40741703/03/2023
5904 Foster Avenue Trust, Lamor Whitehead, TrusteeNew York Eastern1:23-bk-407441103/03/2023
Fute, IncNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70223701/20/2023
842 Brook Street Corp.New York Eastern8:23-bk-70637702/24/2023
53 Glenmere CorpNew York Eastern1:22-bk-425611110/14/2022
53 Glenmere Corp.New York Eastern8:22-bk-728191110/14/202210/14/2022
132 30th Street of Brooklyn CorpNew York Eastern1:19-bk-424251104/24/2019
1762 Nostrand LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-43162712/21/2022
77 Varet Holding Corp.New York Eastern1:22-bk-423161109/21/2022
Quincy Bedford I LLCNew York Eastern1:21-bk-429991112/01/2021
55 Pulaski Realty LLCNew York Eastern1:21-bk-429971112/01/2021
25-16 37th Ave Owners, LLCNew York Eastern1:21-bk-426621110/19/2021
Cincinnati Terrace Associates LLCNew York Eastern1:21-bk-415481106/09/2021
Desoto Owners LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-43387709/22/2020
4218 Partners LLCNew York Eastern1:19-bk-444441107/21/2019
A & B Mart & Service, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-70118701/13/2015
Route 58, LLCNew York Eastern8:11-bk-73515705/18/2011
Miron Building Supply LLCNew York Eastern1:09-bk-50285711/19/2009
Crafts Retail Holding Corp., et al.New York Eastern1:07-bk-42272705/02/2007
Olympia Office LLCNew York Eastern8:16-bk-748921110/20/201612/28/2017
A Merryland Operating LLCNew York Eastern1:19-bk-464751110/28/2019
Long Beach Medical CenterNew York Eastern8:14-bk-705931102/19/2014
Baumann & Sons Buses, Inc. et al.,New York Eastern8:20-bk-721211105/27/2020
Savva's Restaurant, Inc.New York Eastern8:22-bk-703821103/04/2022
Fulton Ventures LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-401371101/17/2023
Jericho 135 Realty CorpNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70284701/25/2023
86-55 Grand Realty Inc.New York Eastern1:23-bk-407811103/08/2023
Brooklyn 7 Realty IncNew York Eastern1:23-bk-409811103/23/2023
2017 Holdings LLC,New York Eastern1:23-bk-409871103/23/2023
Glenwood Road Estates, LLC and Glenwood Road Estates LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-408891103/16/2023
Lonestar Sports Bar & Grill IncNew York Eastern1:23-bk-408041103/09/2023
3 Rebecca Court Corp.New York Eastern8:23-bk-70624702/23/2023
Home Relief LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-406171102/23/2023
Merton V FendersonNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40533702/16/2023
Project 2204 Fulton LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40522702/16/2023
JJJ CC & K Management Corp.New York Eastern1:23-bk-405201102/16/2023
136 Madison Holding CorpNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70291701/26/2023
CRM Brooklyn Queens Builders IncNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70285701/25/2023
71 Wellcrow IncNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70278701/25/2023
East Atlantic Development IncNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70272701/25/2023
1146 East 48 CorpNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40167701/19/2023
J M Enterprise LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40026701/04/2023
WC 177th Street LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-42884711/16/2022
Global Prime Realty 1 Corp.New York Eastern1:22-bk-428851111/17/2022
Elvin CalvacheNew York Eastern8:22-bk-73148711/10/2022
12 OldBrook Road IncNew York Eastern8:22-bk-72991710/26/2022
QVA9 Management Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-425821110/18/2022
Dent Tech Laboratory, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-414691106/24/2022