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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
265 Ocean Parkway LLCNew York Eastern1:21-bk-423251109/14/2021
STJ Orthotic Services, Inc.New York Eastern8:23-bk-731751108/28/2023
Precision-Aire IncNew York Eastern8:24-bk-722101106/07/2024
Royal Development, IncNew York Eastern1:24-bk-416891104/19/2024
10214 Equities CorpNew York Eastern1:24-bk-42334705/31/2024
815 Bay 25 CorpNew York Eastern8:24-bk-72076705/31/2024
InterGalactic Group, LLCNew York Eastern8:24-bk-72301706/12/2024
Mahopac West CorpNew York Eastern8:24-bk-72086705/31/2024
10 Pershing Avenue, LLCNew York Eastern8:24-bk-722541106/11/2024
Ann AssentNew York Eastern1:24-bk-42330705/31/2024
Eskaflowne IncNew York Eastern1:24-bk-40717702/16/2024
9-11 Wellesley LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-402591101/19/2024
Best Build 1 LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-424051106/05/2024
Commissioner Daniel Werfel and his Agent and Emplo and Internal Revenue Service, dba IRS, dba Dept of TreNew York Eastern1:23-bk-41765705/19/2023
34 Drive CorpNew York Eastern8:24-bk-712221103/28/2024
502 Grace Holdings Inc.New York Eastern1:24-bk-428261107/08/2024
JD Holding Group 1 IncNew York Eastern1:24-bk-41372703/28/2024
Commercial Electrical Contractors, Inc.New York Eastern1:24-bk-41264703/24/2024
105 Hull Group LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-41202703/21/2024
USA Wholesale Auto Group Inc.New York Eastern1:24-bk-41169703/19/2024
135-15 220th Pl CorpNew York Eastern1:24-bk-419621105/09/2024
Brooklyn Development 24 Corp.New York Eastern1:24-bk-411311103/14/2024
Dinora IncNew York Eastern1:24-bk-428821107/11/2024
425 Jerome St GR LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-428601107/11/2024
LIJASOFT LLCNew York Eastern8:24-bk-72739707/12/2024
Carriage133JM CorporationNew York Eastern8:24-bk-71775705/07/2024
51 Sycamore Drive, LLCNew York Eastern8:24-bk-71749705/06/2024
LLM Internet Inc.New York Eastern1:24-bk-41108703/13/2024
IDL Communications and Electric, Inc.New York Eastern1:24-bk-426131106/20/2024
Mr. G's Properties, LLCNew York Eastern8:24-bk-726921107/10/2024
PCP Group, LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-424481106/10/2024
47 Thames Realty LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-416171104/16/2024
129 N Walnut Street LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-421041109/02/2022
Dean Park LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-405091102/01/2024
Jones Diversity, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-42698710/28/2022
Prospect 631 Venture CorporationNew York Eastern1:24-bk-411161103/13/2024
2159 57 Street Unit 1A LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-441941111/16/2023
Rich Lucky Food Group LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-418181104/29/2024
King of Queens Auto Services Corp.New York Eastern1:24-bk-428381107/09/2024
Imperiuos CorporationNew York Eastern8:24-bk-72420706/20/2024
1918 East Nine Street, LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-428191107/08/2024
Amsterdam House Continuing Care Retirement CommuniNew York Eastern8:23-bk-709891103/22/2023
Michael Abboud OBGYN PCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-418741105/26/2023Dismissed for Other Reason 04/01/2024
A Merryland Operating LLCNew York Eastern1:19-bk-464751110/28/2019
SDS Colcon LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-434691109/27/2023
The Estate of Sarah SimpsonNew York Eastern8:24-bk-71216703/28/2024
165 Chester Newport Auto Parts, IncNew York Eastern1:24-bk-428951107/12/2024
Yechai LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-428711107/11/2024
9-11 Wellesley LLCNew York Eastern1:24-bk-428621107/11/2024
313 46th Street, Inc.New York Eastern1:24-bk-428061107/05/2024