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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
A & B Mart & Service, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-70118701/13/2015
Rienzi & Sons, Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-409261103/03/2015
Federation Employment and Guidance Service, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-710741103/18/2015
319 Boundary Avenue LLCNew York Eastern8:15-bk-74471710/20/2015
Holub Enterprises, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-74196709/30/2015
Integrated Structures Corp.New York Eastern1:15-bk-456241112/16/201512/16/2015Intra-District Transfer
Uprising Realty Corp.New York Eastern1:15-bk-441641109/10/2015
Community Environmental Center, Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-411731103/19/201510/15/2020Dismissed for Other Reason
Bnois SpinkaNew York Eastern1:15-bk-432511107/16/2015
Blessed Ambulance Company, IncNew York Eastern1:15-bk-45611712/15/2015
NJD Wiring and Electric Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-45700712/22/2015
Integrated Structures Corp.New York Eastern8:15-bk-754201110/02/2015
E&I Management, LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-457541112/28/2015
937-943 E. 51st Street Realty Corp.New York Eastern1:15-bk-456281112/16/201505/03/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 04/18/2016
Moriches Fitness IncNew York Eastern8:15-bk-75454712/22/2015
PA Farm Products, LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-457551112/28/2015
Chung Fat Supermarket, Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-456851112/21/2015
E&I Holdings LPNew York Eastern1:15-bk-457511112/28/2015
Quest Ventures, Ltd.New York Eastern8:15-bk-75499712/23/2015
Amber Group LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-45718712/23/2015
South Merrick Auto Detailing Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-75307712/07/2015
T. H. Trading Corp.New York Eastern1:15-bk-45232711/18/2015
First American Brands, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-75083711/24/2015
Argen Homes LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-45282711/20/2015
L.R.B. Nurses Registry, Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-455321112/09/2015
1151 Loring Avenue LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-454561112/02/2015
35 Shore Road Holding Corp.New York Eastern8:15-bk-75189711/30/2015
239 Warwick Corp.New York Eastern1:15-bk-455391112/09/2015
Far Rockaway Investors Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-45476712/03/2015
KWE Capital Management LLCNew York Eastern8:15-bk-75251712/02/2015
Gotham Installations, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-75051711/23/2015
303 Maple Avenue, LLCNew York Eastern8:15-bk-74913711/16/2015
Manhattan 335 Tower, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-746931111/03/2015
614 Realty, LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-45145711/12/2015
JK Wedding, Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-747481111/05/2015
Luxury Marketing IncNew York Eastern8:15-bk-74689711/03/2015
Black Realty Inc.New York Eastern8:15-bk-749071111/15/2015
Midwood Gardens LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-447971110/23/2015
Richmond Liberty LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-448661110/29/2015
277-283 W Delevan LLC.New York Eastern1:15-bk-448351110/28/2015
145 Food Center Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-451891111/16/201510/14/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 03/24/2016
ML Seafood CorpNew York Eastern1:15-bk-449831110/30/201503/22/2016Dismissed for Other Reason 02/18/2016
411 Rogers Avenue, LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-448811110/29/2015
8516 Glenwood LLCNew York Eastern1:15-bk-450551111/05/2015
DRLD Realty Corp.New York Eastern8:15-bk-742451110/04/2015
Wise Kosher Natural Poultry, Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-447251110/16/2015
Pescrillo New York, LLCNew York Eastern8:15-bk-74305710/08/201512/18/2015
26 Carter Road Holding CorpNew York Eastern8:15-bk-74148709/29/2015
Anthony Lawrence of New York, Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-447021110/15/2015
Somi Enterprises, Inc.New York Eastern1:15-bk-44571710/07/2015