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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
SIMPLETECH REPAIR, LLCNew York Northern5:23-bk-305421108/04/2023
New Horizon RE LLCNew York Northern6:23-bk-606671109/11/2023
Cell-Nique CorporationNew York Northern1:23-bk-108151108/10/2023
James R Smith 52 IncNew York Northern5:23-bk-306731109/20/2023
Nassau Pharmacy Inc.New York Northern1:22-bk-111881112/22/2022
Sir-tech Software, Inc.New York Northern6:07-bk-61617710/25/200104/16/2009Discharge Not Applicable
Azon Corporation and Media Design CorporationNew York Northern6:02-bk-64368707/24/200201/11/2007Discharge Not Applicable
Central New York Raceway Park, Inc.New York Northern5:23-bk-303671105/30/2023
PCL Properties, LLC.New York Northern5:23-bk-300661102/16/2023
Semblance Medspa LLCNew York Northern1:20-bk-111101108/19/2020
New Monarch Machine Tool, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-303841106/16/2022
Christine Feliu Family Health NP, PLLCNew York Northern5:22-bk-30714710/28/2022
Ching Management, LLC dba J2 Design & BuildNew York Northern1:22-bk-10720708/02/2022
NIPPER APARTMENTS, LLCNew York Northern1:22-bk-10652707/14/2022
960 BROADWAY LLCNew York Northern1:22-bk-10653707/14/2022
Welcome Motels II, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-302971105/13/2022
Peace Seekers LLCNew York Northern5:22-bk-30370706/10/2022
Garuda Hotels, Inc. and Welcome Motels II, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-302961105/13/2022
Ardex International CompanyNew York Northern1:22-bk-10312704/08/2022
Nu Apiary Care, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-30212704/11/2022
Red Hook Solar Corp.New York Northern1:21-bk-107591108/09/2021
Screen-It, Ltd.New York Northern1:21-bk-11076711/23/2021
Shrubbucket, Inc.New York Northern5:21-bk-30505706/18/2021
Centerstone Linen Services, LLC and Alliance LTS Winchester, LLCNew York Northern1:18-bk-317541112/19/2018
East Coast Construction & Renovations, LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-107011107/21/2021
Ambica M&J Two LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-10014701/11/2021
Maha Laxmi II Corp.New York Northern1:21-bk-10016701/11/2021
Ace Holding LLCNew York Northern1:20-bk-113901111/01/2020
Jagdamba II Corp.New York Northern1:21-bk-10015701/11/2021
Interstate Commodities Inc.New York Northern1:20-bk-111391108/26/2020
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, New YorkNew York Northern5:20-bk-306631106/19/2020
Sunny Real Property, LLCNew York Northern1:20-bk-10439703/11/2020
EP & M International, Inc.New York Northern1:19-bk-12322712/31/2019
Good Samaritan Lutheran Health Care Center, Inc. and Kenwood Manor, Inc.New York Northern1:19-bk-122151112/12/2019
Kenwood Manor, Inc.New York Northern1:19-bk-122161112/12/2019
Levelbest, LLCNew York Northern1:19-bk-116731109/11/2019
3815 Melrose Road, LLCNew York Northern5:19-bk-309901207/19/2019
Michaud Residential Health Services, Inc.New York Northern5:19-bk-30926707/03/2019
Best Road View, LLCNew York Northern1:16-bk-11968710/28/2016
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg, New YorkNew York Northern6:23-bk-605071107/17/2023
Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz, & Hertzel, LLPNew York Northern1:23-bk-10558705/31/2023
Miron Building Products Co., Inc.New York Northern1:00-bk-144891108/16/200002/20/2008Discharge Not Applicable
Edward Nezelek Construction Co. Inc.New York Northern1:92-bk-11323703/25/199211/04/2004Discharge Not Applicable 11/04/2004
R. Buetel Express, Inc.New York Northern6:90-bk-00695703/20/199009/18/2000Discharge Not Applicable 09/18/2000
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New YorkNew York Northern1:23-bk-102441103/15/2023
Alfa Technical Group, Inc.New York Northern6:92-bk-01600705/15/199211/21/2002Discharge Not Applicable 11/21/2002
Pyramid Auto Group, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-307021110/24/2022
Boston Laser, Inc.New York Northern6:08-bk-60386702/28/200804/11/2018Discharge Not Applicable
Southern New York Neurosurgical Group, P.C.New York Northern6:23-bk-606541109/01/2023
Audio Visual Sales and Service, Inc.New York Northern1:23-bk-10656706/28/2023