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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
John Piccirilli IncNew York Northern6:21-bk-600571101/28/2021
The New York Bakery of Syracuse, Inc.New York Northern6:21-bk-307701110/04/2021
AH Development Group LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-111061112/05/2021
Red Hook Solar Corp.New York Northern1:21-bk-107591108/09/2021
T.C. Inn Inc.New York Northern6:21-bk-609061112/03/2021
East Coast Construction & Renovations, LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-107011107/21/2021
The New York Bakery of Syracuse, Inc.New York Northern5:21-bk-307701110/04/202110/04/2021Intra-District Transfer 10/04/2021
DM Land, Inc.New York Northern6:21-bk-603581104/28/2021
Family Ties Contracting LLCNew York Northern5:21-bk-30152703/11/202105/21/2021Discharge Not Applicable 05/21/2021
Citgo Food Mart Inc.New York Northern6:21-bk-60958712/30/2021
Tails Wagg Inn, LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-11132712/14/2021
Screen-It, Ltd.New York Northern1:21-bk-11076711/23/2021
A.I. Fit Inc.New York Northern5:21-bk-30889711/29/2021
PONDOS II LLCNew York Northern6:21-bk-60890711/24/2021
CNY Security Services, LLCNew York Northern5:21-bk-30794710/15/2021
FT Systems, Inc.New York Northern1:21-bk-10849709/02/2021
Above Reality Your Virtual Sports Complex, LLCNew York Northern5:21-bk-30717709/13/2021
SNK Tools, LLCNew York Northern5:21-bk-30592707/21/2021
Farm Swarming Inc.New York Northern5:21-bk-30579707/16/2021
Shrubbucket, Inc.New York Northern5:21-bk-30505706/18/2021
ALEC Services LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-10524705/20/2021
The Phoenix of Albany, LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-105841106/10/2021
D&K Quality AutoNew York Northern1:21-bk-10293703/26/2021
TerrApparel LLCNew York Northern6:21-bk-60281704/01/2021
Millstone Remediation Inc. (Closed 2015)New York Northern6:21-bk-60161703/04/2021
First Choice Enterprises of New York, LLCNew York Northern5:21-bk-30139703/07/2021
Hunter's Auto Service & More, LLCNew York Northern5:21-bk-30049701/27/2021
CTC Transportation, IncNew York Northern1:21-bk-10071701/28/2021
Maha Laxmi II Corp.New York Northern1:21-bk-10016701/11/2021
Ambica M&J Two LLCNew York Northern1:21-bk-100141101/11/2021
Jagdamba II Corp.New York Northern1:21-bk-100151101/11/2021