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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
444 East 13 LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-231431107/21/2017
Calico IndustriesNew York Southern7:17-bk-22281702/24/2017
RS Old Mill, LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-22218702/13/2017
Fyre Festival LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-11883707/07/2017
Upstream Capital Advisors, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-12684709/25/2017
Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Intermediate FunNew York Southern1:17-bk-122691508/17/2017
East Village Properties LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224531103/28/201706/02/2020
2021 Grand Corp.New York Southern1:17-bk-12516709/07/2017
L&N Twins Place LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-227581105/23/2017
National Events Holdings, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-11556706/05/2017
Chowaiki & Co. Fine Art Ltd.New York Southern1:17-bk-13228711/13/2017
Runway Liquidation Holdings, LLC, et al.New York Southern1:17-bk-104661102/28/2017
BICOM NY, LLC, et al. and Craig Jalbert, as Liquidating Trust for the LiquidNew York Southern1:17-bk-119061107/10/2017
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KGNew York Southern1:17-bk-122821508/18/2017
1018 Morris Park Ave. Realty Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-115241106/02/2017
Avaya Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-100891101/19/2017
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, et al.,New York Southern1:17-bk-107511103/29/2017
Answers Holdings, Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-104961103/03/201709/22/2017
CACH, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-106631103/19/201702/12/2020Discharge Not Applicable 02/12/2020
Tiramisu Restaurant, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-113461105/15/2017
Lebenthal Family Office, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-13340711/28/2017
Lebenthal Asset Management, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-13339711/28/2017
Lebenthal Holdings, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-13337711/28/2017
Yosi Samra, Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-12493709/05/201709/02/2021Discharge Not Applicable 09/02/2021
Level Solar Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-134691112/04/2017
Pacific Drilling S.A.New York Southern1:17-bk-131931111/12/201706/06/2019
Pacific Drilling VIII Limited and Pacific Drilling Company LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-132031111/12/2017
Bangla Clothing USA Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-12785710/03/201708/20/2020Discharge Not Applicable 08/20/2020
CM Wind Down Topco Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-133811111/29/2017
Avaya Federal Solutions, Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-101001101/19/201708/23/2018Discharge Not Applicable 08/23/2018
Bibhu LLC.New York Southern1:17-bk-100421101/10/2017
Bernsohn & Fetner LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-237071111/07/2017
E. 9th St. Holdings LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-231411107/21/2017
ABC Maintenance, Inc.New York Southern7:17-bk-23113707/17/2017
514 East 12th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224691103/28/2017
510 East 12th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224681103/28/2017
329 East 12th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224671103/28/2017
327 East 12th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224651103/28/2017
325 East 12th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224641103/28/2017
253 East 10th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224631103/28/2017
334 East 9th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224621103/28/2017
27 St Marks Place LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224611103/28/2017
66 East 7th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224601103/28/2017
228 East 6th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224591103/28/2017
235 East 5th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224581103/28/2017
233 East 5th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224571103/28/2017
231 East 5th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224561103/28/2017
229 East 5th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224551103/28/2017
223 East 5th Street LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-224541103/28/2017
Toisa Limited, et al.,New York Southern1:17-bk-101841101/29/2017