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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Herald Hotel Associates, L.P.New York Southern1:20-bk-122661109/22/2020
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, NeNew York Southern1:20-bk-123451110/01/2020
Avianca Holdings S.A.New York Southern1:20-bk-111331105/10/202006/09/2021
Mynd Spa & Salon, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10846703/19/2020
Richardson Foods Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-11203705/15/2020
RM Bakery LLC and BKD Group LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-114221106/15/2020
Frontier Communications CorporationNew York Southern7:20-bk-224761104/14/2020
Genever Holdings LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-124111110/12/2020
Branded Apparel Group LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-125521110/29/2020
Owens Transportation Excellence, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-107411103/10/2020
Isaiah Owens, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-105071102/18/2020
Explorica Travel, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-116511107/21/202007/06/2021Discharge Not Applicable 07/06/2021
232 Seigel Development LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-22844707/14/2020
Kisco Health & Fitness IncNew York Southern7:20-bk-227321106/09/2020
McClatchy Newspapers, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-104441102/13/2020
244 East 117 LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129701112/28/2020
203 W 107th Street LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129601112/28/2020
210 W 107th Street LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129611112/28/2020
East 117 Realty LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129731112/28/2020
1661 PA Realty LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129721112/28/2020
231 East 117 LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129681112/28/2020
220 W 107th Street LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129631112/28/2020
WB Bridge Hotel LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-232881112/21/2020
215 East 117 LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129671112/28/2020
159 Broadway Member LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-232891112/21/2020
235 East 117 LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129691112/28/2020
Blitman Saratoga LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-231771111/06/2020
Post Office Square, LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-230581109/18/2020
921 Broadway Bakery, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121241109/10/2020
Breadroll, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121181109/10/2020
688 Bronx Commissary, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121191109/10/2020
1800 Broadway Bakery, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121251109/10/2020
CX Reinsurance Company Limited and Simon EdelNew York Southern1:20-bk-121561509/14/2020
Spencer Capital Holdings Ltd. and John JohnstonNew York Southern1:20-bk-122871509/25/2020
230 W 107th Street LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129641112/28/2020
124-136 East 117 LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129651112/28/2020
85 Flatbush RHO Hotel LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-232811112/18/2020
232 Seigel Acquisition LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-22845707/14/2020
400 Fifth Avenue Bakery, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121301109/10/2020
Flywheel Sports Parent, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12157709/14/2020
1400 Broadway Bakery, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121311109/10/2020
Sitehands, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12876712/16/2020
787 Seventh Avenue Bakery, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121351109/10/2020
85 Flatbush RHO Mezz LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-232801112/18/2020
Garrett Motion Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-122121109/20/2020
685 Third Avenue Bakery, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121331109/10/2020
85 Flatbush RHO Residential LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-232821112/18/2020
Flywheel Sports, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12158709/14/2020
NYC 1294 Third Ave Bakery, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121231109/10/2020
PB Life and Annuity Co., Ltd. and Rachelle Frisby and John Johnston, as Joint ProvisNew York Southern1:20-bk-127911512/03/2020