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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
LSC Communications, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-109501104/13/2020
LATAM Airlines Group S.A.New York Southern1:20-bk-112541105/26/2020
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, NeNew York Southern1:20-bk-123451110/01/2020
Sitehands, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12876712/16/2020
203 W 107th Street LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129601112/28/2020
Genever Holdings LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-124111110/12/2020
JCK Legacy Company et, al.New York Southern1:20-bk-104181102/13/2020
232 Seigel Development LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-228441107/14/2020
Herald Hotel Associates, L.P.New York Southern1:20-bk-122661109/22/2020
Blitman Saratoga LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-231771111/06/2020
Cortlandt Liquidating LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-120971109/10/2020
The Northwest Company LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-10990704/18/202005/13/2022
OneWeb Global Limited and Reorganized DebtorsNew York Southern7:20-bk-224371103/27/2020
Cosmoledo, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121171109/10/2020
MMK International Marine Services Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12867712/14/2020
Steps In Home Care, Inc.New York Southern7:20-bk-226151105/01/202006/25/2021Discharge Not Applicable
Eastern Canal Film, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-124401110/15/2020
Wallace House CorporationNew York Southern7:20-bk-221221101/24/2020
PB Life and Annuity Co., Ltd. and Rachelle Frisby and John Johnston, as Joint ProvisNew York Southern1:20-bk-127911512/03/2020
Branded Apparel Group LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-125521110/29/2020
Flywheel Sports Parent, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12157709/14/2020
George G. Sharp, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10590702/25/2020
KB US Holdings, Inc.New York Southern7:20-bk-229621108/23/2020
RM Bakery LLC and BKD Group LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-114221106/15/2020
Frontier Communications CorporationNew York Southern7:20-bk-224761104/14/2020
IIG Trade Opportunities Fund N.V. and Valerie P. MariaNew York Southern1:20-bk-106661503/02/2020
Mynd Spa & Salon, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10846703/19/2020
Liberty Bridge Capital Management GP, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-10009701/03/2020
Omagine, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-107421103/10/202012/05/2022
Black and White Stripes, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-124391110/15/2020
Keith Restaurant Inc d/b/a China ChaletNew York Southern1:20-bk-11237705/20/2020
Monticello Horizon Legacy, LLCNew York Southern4:20-bk-356651106/24/2020
WP Realty Acquisition III LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-230381109/11/2020
Vernon 4540 Realty LLC and Lee E. BuchwaldNew York Southern7:20-bk-229191108/05/2020
CD II Fashions, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11101705/04/2020
Richardson Foods Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-11203705/15/2020
Avianca Holdings S.A.New York Southern1:20-bk-111331105/10/2020
Awesome Flight LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-232481112/02/2020
Diane Harrison USA Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12834712/10/2020
El Nuevo Amanecer Restaurant CorpNew York Southern1:20-bk-11370706/06/2020
Old Market Group Holdings Corp.New York Southern1:20-bk-101611101/23/2020
Grupo Famsa, S.A.B. de C.V. and Foreign RepresentativeNew York Southern1:20-bk-118111508/06/2020
All In Jets, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-118311108/09/2020
Kidville Lincoln Park, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11828708/08/2020
Kidville Brentwood, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11827708/08/2020
Kidville Garden City, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11826708/08/2020
Kidville Bethesda, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11825708/08/2020
Kidville Union Square, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11824708/08/2020
Kidville NY, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11823708/08/2020
Kidville Franchise Company, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-11822708/08/2020