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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Talen Energy Supply, LLC and Norfolk Southern Railway CompanyTexas Southern4:22-bk-900541105/09/2022
CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. and TN-Land Parcels, LLCTexas Southern4:20-bk-352261111/01/2020
Seadrill Limited and Seadrill Management Ltd.Texas Southern6:17-bk-600791109/12/201703/30/2021
Castex Energy Partners, L P and The Official Committee of Unsecured CreditorsTexas Southern4:17-bk-358351110/16/2017
Energy XXI Ltd and Official Commitee of Unsecured CreditorsTexas Southern4:16-bk-319281104/14/2016
Irasel Sand, LLCTexas Southern4:17-bk-311481102/27/201707/06/2017
Uplift Rx, LLC and Official Committee Of Unsecured CreditorsTexas Southern4:17-bk-321861104/07/2017
Aztec Comanche A Oil & Gas LP DO NOT DOCKET IN THIS CASE. Jointly Administered under Case #16-31895. This message does not apply to adversary proceedings or claims registers.Texas Southern4:16-bk-31912704/13/2016
EMAS CHIYODA Subsea Limited and Official Committee Of Unsecured CreditorsTexas Southern4:17-bk-311461102/27/201712/21/2018
Villam Investments, LLCTexas Southern1:16-bk-100011101/04/201608/29/2016
Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC and Ad Hoc Equity CommitteeTexas Southern4:17-bk-305601102/01/2017
Total E&S, Inc. DO NOT DOCKET IN THIS CASE. Jointly Administered under Case #16-33590-H2-11. This message does not apply to adversary proceedings or claims registers.Texas Southern4:16-bk-336071107/20/201606/21/2018
Innovative Machining Solutions, LLCTexas Southern4:16-bk-32083704/25/2016
Painted Pegasus Petroleum LLCTexas Southern4:21-bk-33772711/23/2021
RAAM Global Energy Company and The Official Committee of Unsecured CreditorsTexas Southern4:15-bk-356151110/26/2015
Chris & Phil's Body Shop, Inc.Texas Southern3:11-bk-800021101/03/2011
Chesapeake Energy Corporation and CHK NGV Leasing Company, LLCTexas Southern4:20-bk-332331106/28/2020
BulkTracer Holdings LLC Jointly Administered under 20-33505.Texas Southern4:20-bk-335111107/12/2020
American National Carbide Co.Texas Southern4:21-bk-310501103/26/2021
Seadrill LimitedTexas Southern4:21-bk-304271102/10/2021
Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services AssociatiTexas Southern4:21-bk-337331111/18/2021
Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC and Mariposa Intermediate Holdings LLCTexas Southern4:20-bk-325191105/07/2020
Patriot Well Solutions LLC and Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of PatriTexas Southern4:20-bk-336421107/20/2020
Deep South BarrelsTexas Southern4:21-bk-31619705/14/202107/20/2021
L REIT, LTD. and Beltway 7 Properties, Ltd.Texas Southern4:18-bk-368811112/05/201805/20/2020
Ignite Restaurant Group, Inc. and Ignite Restaurants - New Jersey, LLCTexas Southern4:17-bk-335501106/06/2017
Michael Glyn Brown and MG Brown Company LLCTexas Southern4:13-bk-35892701/23/201301/03/2019
1001 Princess Holdings, LLCTexas Southern2:15-bk-204721112/01/2015
Bay Area Regional Medical Center, LLC and Sandra HoodTexas Southern7:19-bk-70013701/10/2019
Watson Grinding & Manufacturing Co. and Watson Valve Services, Inc.Texas Southern4:20-bk-309671102/06/2020
Free Speech Systems LLCTexas Southern6:22-bk-600431107/29/2022
Excel Resources IncTexas Southern4:97-bk-44808705/07/1997
Hamilton Well Service LLC and Michael FosterTexas Southern4:16-bk-33058706/16/2016
Limetree Bay Services, LLC and Limetree Bay Refining Marketing, LLCTexas Southern4:21-bk-323511107/12/2021
TMW Merchants LLCTexas Southern4:20-bk-339161108/02/2020
Strike, LLC and Capstone Infrastructure Services, LLCTexas Southern4:21-bk-900541112/06/2021
Sungard AS New Holdings, LLC and Sungard Availability Services, Ltd.Texas Southern4:22-bk-900181104/11/2022
Entrust Energy, Inc. and Entrust Treasury Management Services, Inc.Texas Southern4:21-bk-310701103/30/2021
1917 Heights Hospital, LLCTexas Southern4:21-bk-318111106/01/2021
Sabine Storage & Operations, Inc.Texas Southern4:22-bk-306701103/16/2022
Mogul Energy International, Inc.Texas Southern4:17-bk-35467709/20/2017
Pipeline Health System, LLC and Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of PipelTexas Southern4:22-bk-902911110/02/2022
Compute North Holdings, Inc. and CN Mining LLCTexas Southern4:22-bk-902731109/22/2022
RODA Express Logistics, L.L.C.Texas Southern5:22-bk-500691110/10/2022
Cineworld Group plc and Great Escape Theatres, LLCTexas Southern4:22-bk-901681109/07/2022
Tracer Roofing LLCTexas Southern4:22-bk-30314702/03/2022
Harkand Gulf Services, LLCTexas Southern4:16-bk-33176706/26/2016
Riverside General Hospital, IncTexas Southern4:16-bk-30603702/01/2016
Kiglapait Hospital CorpTexas Southern4:15-bk-30448701/24/2015
Groves Hospital and Kiglapait Hospital CorpTexas Southern4:15-bk-30447701/24/2015