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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Sizmek Inc.New York Southern1:19-bk-10971703/29/2019
Greensill Capital Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-105611103/25/2021
Village Red Restaurant Corp.New York Southern1:18-bk-109601104/06/2018
Kossoff PLLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-10699704/13/2021
Seabras 1 USA, LLCNew York Southern1:19-bk-140061112/22/2019
Cosmoledo, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121171109/10/2020
130 Bowery Acquisition LLCNew York Southern1:22-bk-111091108/12/2022
Interview, Inc.New York Southern1:18-bk-11514705/21/2018
Kingate Global Fund, Ltd. and Paul Pretlove and Tammy FuNew York Southern1:19-bk-128531509/05/2019
Huy Vietnam Group Limited and Mitchell MansfieldNew York Southern1:21-bk-103391502/24/2021
China Hospitals, Inc. and Mr. Cosimo BorrelliNew York Southern1:19-bk-137671511/24/2019
Kenwood Commons, LLCNew York Southern4:22-bk-351691103/28/2022
Windstream Holdings, Inc.New York Southern7:19-bk-223121102/25/201905/04/2021Discharge Not Applicable
MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities Partners II LNew York Southern1:21-bk-112551107/06/2021
Grupo Aeromexico, S.A.B. de C.V.New York Southern1:20-bk-115631106/30/2020
961-969 Westchester Avenue Corp.New York Southern1:15-bk-128691110/26/2015
Premium Point Offshore Mortgage Credit Fund, Ltd.New York Southern1:18-bk-105871503/01/2018
Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Intermediate FunNew York Southern1:17-bk-122691508/17/2017
Keith Restaurant Inc d/b/a China ChaletNew York Southern1:20-bk-11237705/20/2020
Mynd Spa & Salon, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10846703/19/2020
Kuni's CorporationNew York Southern1:20-bk-11575707/03/2020
Park Avenue Leather Goods LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-124951110/22/2020
PPI ACQ, Ltd.New York Southern1:18-bk-105931503/01/2018
Upstream Capital Advisors, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-12684709/25/2017
Liberty Bridge Capital Management GP, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-10009701/03/2020
SAS OneSource, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10845703/19/2020
El Nuevo Amanecer Restaurant CorpNew York Southern1:20-bk-11370706/06/2020
The D&M Capital Group, LLCNew York Southern1:19-bk-117111105/28/2019
Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio II, A SeriesNew York Southern1:20-bk-10016701/03/2020
689 Prospect Avenue Corp.New York Southern1:22-bk-11026707/27/2022
Sirgold, Inc.New York Southern1:16-bk-129631110/21/2016
Imperial Tobacco Canada LimitedNew York Southern1:19-bk-107711503/13/2019
Liberty Bridge Capital Management, L.P.New York Southern1:20-bk-10012701/03/2020
Branded Apparel Group LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-125521110/29/2020
Premiere Estates, Inc.New York Southern1:14-bk-12972710/29/2014
Liberty Bridge Settlement Clearing, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-10014701/03/2020
SASOS Holdings, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10844703/19/2020
Legion N.A. Investments Ltd. and Amy Louise SleeNew York Southern1:20-bk-119561508/21/2020
919 Prospect Ave LLCNew York Southern1:16-bk-135691112/22/2016
Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund (InternatioNew York Southern1:16-bk-129341510/18/2016
Aerovias de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.New York Southern1:20-bk-115611106/30/2020
TZG Capital Limited (in Liquidation) and Cosimo BorrelliNew York Southern1:21-bk-111521506/23/2021
Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio I, A Series oNew York Southern1:20-bk-10015701/03/2020
Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund L.P. and Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Intermediate FunNew York Southern1:16-bk-129251510/18/2016
OneSource Service, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10847703/19/2020
Richardson Brands CompanyNew York Southern1:21-bk-10439703/08/2021
Premium Point Master Mortgage Credit Fund, Ltd.New York Southern1:18-bk-105861503/01/2018
Liberty Bridge Finco LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-10013701/03/2020
Warrior Poets, Inc.New York Southern1:19-bk-12443707/26/2019
MMJK, Inc.New York Southern1:19-bk-10454702/13/2019